February 07, 2011

Labial Puff: A New Treatment for Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation

Dr. Christine Hamori, a board certified plastic surgeon, was featured on "The Doctors" TV show recently describing a new non-surgical technique called the Labial Puff. In the video below she describes the labial puff as a vaginal rejuvenation technique that uses an injectable filler called Sculptra Aesthetic as a volumizer. The labial puff helps balance out and "puff up" the labia majora, that tends to deflate and/or droop as women age. After applying a topical numbing cream, she uses a tiny-gauge needle to inject the volumizer to re-inflate the labia majora and help conceal the labia minora for a more balanced and youthful appearance. Dr. Hamori is a noted Boston-area cosmetic surgeon with expertise in vaginal rejuvenation techniques including labiaplasty. Her practice is located on Boston's south shore in Duxbury, Massachusetts.