January 18, 2018

Dr. Hamori Published by Oxford University Press

Dr. Hamori is a co-author in the recently published large scale study of labiaplasty surgeries and outcomes. Published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal January 9, 2018, the article is Labiaplasty: Indications and Predictors of Postoperative Sequelae in 451 Consecutive Cases.

To access an abstract of the article, click here.

Participating with Dr. Hamori in the study were:
  • Alexandra Bucknor, MBBS, MSc 
  • Austin D. Chen 
  • Sabine Egeler, MD 
  • Patrick Bletsis, BSc 
  • Anna Rose Johnson, BA, MPH
  • Kate Myette, BA
  • Samuel J. Lin, MD, MBA 
Learn more about Dr. Hamori's expertise in labiaplasty and vaginal rejuvenation at her website: labiaplastyboston.com

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