April 11, 2017

Female Cosmetic Genital Surgery: Concepts, Classification and Techniques

Dr. Hamori's book is now available from Thieme Medical Publishers and amazon.com

Female Cosmetic Genital Surgery: Concepts, classification and techniques (by Christine A. Hamori, Paul E. Banwell and Red Alinsod) provides a comprehensive guidance for surgeons who perform genital cosmetic treatments for their female patients. It is an invaluable resource with 350 color photos and surgical illustrations, videos and more, with the objective of achieving the best possible outcomes.

From the Preface, Dr. Hamori writes…
"During the late 1990s, when I was fresh out of my plastic surgery residency, I met a young woman who requested a reduction of her labia minora. She felt uncomfortable in her clothes and was embarrassed to be intimate. My first thought was that she must have a body dysmorphic disorder… After I examined her, I understood her concern. Her labia minora were large and protrusive."

"I agreed to perform labiaplasty, and I fully disclosed to the patient that this would be the first time I had performed such a surgery. She consented, and I searched the literature for guidance. There only existed a small paragraph on the procedure in McCarthy’s Plastic Surgery, as well as a handful of case reports about severe hypertrophy of the labia."

"Fast forward [two decades], and now I have more than 400 labiaplasties under my belt (forgive the pun), driven in part by a shift toward nude pubic grooming. I was delighted when I was approached by the publisher to write a book about female cosmetic genital surgery. I feel that the field is finally approaching validation in the plastic surgery community."

Together with other plastic surgeons as well as gynecologists and urologists, Dr. Hamori along with co-authors Banwell and Alinsod, have created the authoritative text on female genital surgeries including: Labia minora reduction, labia major reduction, clitoral hood reduction, fat grafting augmentation of the labia majora, augmentation of the labia majora with dermal fillers, perineoplasty, vaginoplasty, hymenoplasty, and more. In addition to detailed color photos and surgical illustrations the book includes access to descriptive and instructive videos.

Female Cosmetic Genital Surgery is published by Thieme Medical Publishers, Inc. The book is available for purchase both at the publisher (receive a special 20% discount via this link) and on amazon.com.

A Noted Authority on Female Genital Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Hamori is a board-certified, plastic surgeon recognized for her special expertise in female genital aesthetic surgery as well as non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation. Her unique reputation in labial surgery brings patients from all over the world to her Boston-area practice.

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Dr. Hamori has developed a patient-focused website dedicated exclusively to Female Genital Aesthetic Surgery + Vaginal Rejuvenation. To visit, go to: LabiaplastyBoston.com.