October 16, 2014

Botox: How To Get the Most from Your Treatment

Don't trust just anyone with your face. While you may receive offers for discount pricing on Botox® from family doctors, dentists and nurses — the lowest cost should not be the biggest factor in determining whom you trust with your Botox injections.

In this video from the Plastic Surgery Channel, Dr. Hamori who is a board certified plastic surgeon with the designation of Expert Injector, explains how she puts her experience of more than 16 years and her knowledge of facial anatomy to work for every patient when she performs a "dynamic assessment."

"I ask them to move their brows, I ask them what shape of brow they like. Do the lines bother them between their eyes? Do their forehead lines bother them? Are they bothered by their crow’s feet?”

Watch the video to learn more.
  Dr. Hamori does all facial injectables herself in her offices in Duxbury, MA. Check out the array of facial fillers and injectables and how they are used. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Hamori, please call the office at 781-924-2200.

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