July 25, 2012

Hot Topic: Designer Vaginas

I just returned from the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery / Anti-Aging Medicine symposium in New York City this weekend, where I was a presenter to other plastic surgeons in the body contouring module. My presentation: New Trends in Cosmetic Gynecology - Augmentation of the Female Genitalia. It was definitely a hot topic as one of the most anticipated and well attended lectures at the conference. Afterward, I was interviewed by a writer for Plastic Surgery Practice magazine, which will carry the interview in the August 2012 issue. The interest in this personal category of cosmetic surgery continues to grow!

Currently, about 10 percent of my surgery practice is gynocology related — about 70 percent is labiaplasty and 30 percent is labia majora reductions. I also perform clitoral hood reductions and am starting to see more demand for volume restoration of the mons and labia majora. Overall, ASAPS data show that cosmetic GYN procedures are up 5.5% from 2010 to 2011.

Here is a link to the magazine article (which is headlined Designer Vaginas and contains more details on the trend and the different approaches to cosmetic GYN).

UPDATE July 2015: For a related post on a new non-surgical treatment for vaginal tightening, see: ThermiVa 

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