October 13, 2010

WSJ Facelift and Facial Injectables

I enjoyed the reading the personal journal section of the Wall Street Journal yesterday. Many of the injectable procedures I offer and perform in my office were highlighted like Botox, Sculptra, Restylane and Juvederm.

In general I thought the article was accurate and highlighted the opinions of many experts in the field of plastic surgery and dermatology. The one quote I did not agree with was that of the CEO of Medicis, Jonah Shacknai who stated that fillers can postpone a face lift for 10-20 years. In my opinion this does not apply to most patients and depends on many factors such as history of sun exposure, bone structure and genetics. It surprised me that the WSJ would chose to quote a lay person, albeit a knowledgeable pharmaceutical CEO, and not a board certified plastic surgeon on the appropriate timing for surgical procedure such as a face lift.