December 03, 2009

Beware Wanna-be Cosmetic Doctors

I thought my patients and anyone else considering cosmetic treatments would find the following article on CNNHealth of interest: Cosmetic surgery boom revamps doctors' offices.

The article speaks to the trend and the inherent dangers of some physicians (such as general practitioners and gynecologists to name a few) — not primarily trained in cosmetic procedures nor licensed specifically in plastic surgery or dermatology — in adding cosmetic procedures to their offerings.

Says dermatologist Dr. Joel Schlessinger, president emeritus of the American Society of Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetic Surgery (ASCDAS) in the article:

"The scary truth is, many generalists who add aesthetic procedures may actually be winging it. They often have just one day of training..."

Also quoted is Dr. Brent Moelleken, a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, California:

"If patients heard about a plastic surgeon expanding his practice to include Pap smears and hysterectomies, they would be horrified. But they think little of having laser procedures or liposuction done by a gynecologist. And there is no law against either."

Click here to read the entire article on CNN. And, buyer beware.

Learn more about How to Choose a Plastic Surgeon here at the American Society of Plastic Surgeon's web site.