July 24, 2009

Join Us for Special Skin Care Event August 5th!

Join us for an informational skin care event and learn about our Vivite glycolic product line and the clinically proven benefits of glycolic compound and natural antioxidants. This glycolic compound will gently exfoliate and promote the production of hyarulonic acid, collagen and increase the health and integrity of the skin. Come meet our Vivite representative and learn about this unique formulation that maximizes anti-aging benefits.

You will also be introduced to the Clarisonic skin care brush. This unique cleansing tool uses gentle sonic vibrations to deep clean your pores and scrub away everyday grime and residual makeup. The Clarisonic brush provides gentle cleansing for people suffering from seborrheic dermatitis, rosacea and acne.

Space is limited. Call the Skin Spa now to reserve a space for you and a friend at 781-934-2200. Attendees will receive:
  • Gift bags
  • Raffle on gift basket
  • Discounts on Vivite and Clarisonic products
  • Light refreshments