June 29, 2007

Allure Magazine Interview with Dr. Hamori on Labia Surgery

More on Dr. Hamori in the July issue of Allure: OK, just back from the newsstand, here's an update. You'll want to look for the July 2007 issue with Liv Tyler on the cover. If you're curious or interested in learning more about labioplasty, the "secret surgery," then you'll want to pick up this copy of Allure magazine (see page 112).

The article describes labiaplasty (aka genital enhancement) as "the most secretive and controversial surgery today" that is "quietly on the rise... even in in staid New England."

Click here for a preview glimpse of the article.

To learn more about the 3 labiaplasty surgeries Dr. Hamori performs, visit her web site at www.christinehamori.com.