January 31, 2006

Thermage Body Contouring now FDA approved

I am very excited about the recent FDA approval of Thermage for off-face use in body contouring. Now we have a non surgical option for the lower abdomen (you know the little pouch one has after a baby or two), upper arms (lax tissue in the back of the upper arm that giggles but just doesn't respond to tricep exercises) and inner thighs (flabby skin and fat resistant to even Suzanne Somer's thighbuster!).

This week I contoured the submental (below the chin) area first with tumescent liposuction and then immediately afterwards with a Thermage ThermaCool treatment. The patient was awake and pain free during the entire procedure. We all saw a dramatic result right afterwards in the operating room. The patient is delighted and only needs Tylenol for pain.

The effective combination of liposuction with Thermage will reduce the recovery time and enhance the postoperative results. I am looking forward to offering this unique combination to my patients...