July 21, 2005

Labioplasty goes mainstream on Dr. 90210

Labioplasty, an increasingly popular procedure I perform here in my Duxbury, Massachusetts plastic surgery office, was featured recently on the cable TV show Dr. 90210 (7/20/05). The episode featured a young 18-year old with symtomatic enlargement of the labia minora. Dr. Gary Alter known for his wedge-resection technique, which minimizes scaring, performed the surgery on the hit show. This is the same technique that I use for labioplasty procedures.

Labioplasty is on the rise. I have experienced an increase in women inquiring about this simple procedure to reduce the protrusion of the labia minora, and they often tell me that they prefer a female plastic surgeon for this very personal surgery. Women have become more aware of labial skin redundancy due to the popularity of Brazilian waxing technique and very small thong underwear. Women feel comfortable talking with another woman about the surgery, and my patients enjoy the privacy of my operating room in Duxbury, MA -- as well our all-female team! Learn more at www.christinehamori.com.