June 20, 2005

Thermage and Liposuction - New Treatment Modality for Arms and Abdomens

Now that we have been using Thermage for over one year with about a 90% success rate in visibly lifting the face, we are venturing beyond the face to the body. Loose, flabby, upper-arm skin sometimes known as a "bat wing" deformity has stumped plastic surgeons for years. Now with the combined treatment of Thermage and liposuction we may have found an answer to this difficult dilemma. First, superwet liposuction is performed in the area in the operating room, followed immediately by Thermage. The procedure is virtually painless and results are seen within a few days.

We hope to apply the new body applications of Thermage to the pesky, lower abdominal buldge we all have after a baby or two. Stay tuned...