April 24, 2005

Feather lift? Thread lift? Who's your surgeon?

Media coverage of various facelift options has generated a slew of calls to my office inquiring about a facelift with no downtime, done under 1 hour with local anesthesia only. The questions that careful consumers should be asking are more about the surgeon than the specific technique. Before jumping into a face-altering experience review the credentials of your plastic surgery provider (yes, providers may just call themselves a plastic surgeon) and check your state physcian data bank for malpractice information.

Important questions to ask your plastic surgeon, or facial plastic surgeon (otolaryngologist), dermatologist, or even ophthalmologist (yes they are all being trained to do these new media-friendly facelifts) are: How many have you done in the past 3 years? Can I see a few of your 2-3 year results? Can I speak to a patient who has had the procedure done more than a year ago? Who will be monitoring me during the procedure besides the doctor? Are there any chances of toxic effects of local anesthetics? Is your facility AAAASF approved (many of these procedures are done in the doctor's offices)? Are you a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgery?

When it comes to facial surgery. It is best to look before you leap! See this recent article in the New York Times that shows how important it is to do your homework. Buyer beware.

(Updated May 2010) See also: Lifestyle Lift Lawsuit in Massachusetts.