February 04, 2005

'Tis the season for breast augmentation and eyelifts

Since the groundhog saw his shadow we are in for another 6 weeks of winter here in New England. The delay of the warmer weather creates a convenient window for breast augmentation and eyelid rejuvenation before the beach parties begin. The recovery for each surgery is about 2 weeks or so with bruising being more of a visible issue with the eyelid surgery.

For breast augmentation, I prefer FDA-approved round smooth saline implants placed beneath the muscle. This procedure may cause a bit more discomfort postoperatively, but I believe the pectoralis major muscle helps support the long-term shape and position of the implant. Check out before and after breast augmentation photos on my web site.

For blepharoplasty or eyelid lift, I am a fan of conservative fat resection as I feel removing too much fat causes an aged look. My goal in eyelid lift is a more youthful eyelid not a tighter one! Loose or sundamaged skin is removed from the upper and lower eyelids through incisions placed in natural skin creases. You can view before and after photos of eyelid lifts and other procedures on my web site.