September 28, 2004

Chemical peels help rejuvenate the skin

As the days get shorter and the tan begins to fade, the facial skin becomes splotchy and grey. Exfoliation in the form of a gentle chemical peel helps the skin recover from the summer sun damage. The peels are performed in the Skin Spa by nurses under my direction. Glycolic peels take about 30 minutes and include deep cleansing and a cool Algae Finishing Mask.

Depending on the the strength of the peel, you can expect some redness for about 48 hours. After that time you will see healthy younger appearing skin emerge. The peels may be repeated at 6 week intervals depending on the amount of sun damage you may have. Superficial chemical peels are less invasive and muchless painful than laser resurfacing. Isn't it time to treat yourself to something new?