June 29, 2004

Thermage for the full-face is approved by FDA

Good News from the FDA....on June 22, 2004, the FDA approved full facial Thermacool lift. I have treated approximately 40 patients with Thermage and agree that the mid and lower face respond very well with improved tone and color.

My entire staff in Duxbury was treated with the Thermacool lift in March and we are still seeing positive changes in our skin. The procedure has all but replaced my mini-facelift because the Thermacool lift has no down time and leaves no scars!

The next frontier for Thermage....skin tightening of the breasts, inner thighs and abdomen. Trials are in progress now to test the efficacy of radiofrequency skin tightening on these previously resistant area. I would hope to offer my younger patients with loose lower abdominal skin from pregnancy a chance at scarless rejuvenation.